English when ‘we’ win, Migrant when ‘we’ lose

Whether you’re a football supporter or not, it’s been hard to ignore the commotion that’s sweep through England over the last month, from extensive news coverage, honking horns, parades of the St George flag in bedroom windows, to the roaring shouts of ‘it’s coming home,’ the football has seeped into both public and private space. … More English when ‘we’ win, Migrant when ‘we’ lose

A New Season

Happy New Year, WordPress community! I hope the start to the year has been blessed! I want to start by thanking those of you who have continued to follow my sporadic thoughts on this blog, I hope they have provided some food for thought, or at the very least, a bit more than average distraction. … More A New Season

Does individualism cause identity crisis?

This topic has been an interest of mine since I discovered Pirandello’s opera in my penultimate year of university. His works I Quaderni di Serafino Gubbio (Shoot!), Il fu Mattia Pascal (The Late Mattia Pascal), and Uno, nessuno e centomila (One, None, and a Hundred Thousand), are just a few of the many of his works which dissect the … More Does individualism cause identity crisis?

Growing up on a Council Estate and feelings of embarrassment

I have this thing about houses. I’ve lived in council flats my whole life and I used to be ashamed of it. I wonder to myself if I still carry that ‘shame’, and if so, why? I used to attend a secondary school, which, at the time, was well frequented by students from mixed economic … More Growing up on a Council Estate and feelings of embarrassment

The Power of Dreams

[ 08/07/19 ]  I debated whether to write this post and share my dream (which I am about to share…) with anyone another than a couple of close friends. If you continue reading you’ll see why. For the average non-dreamer my dream might seem a bit unhinged and paranoiac; I’m sure there is someone out there … More The Power of Dreams