I am ashamed to be British

I have never felt more ashamed to be British.

The land of hope and glory,

an image which has certainly in my eyes been diminished

Now, the catalyst for brutality,

which has gain legality,

an unbridle force of destruction is what this nation has become,

the reality that you cannot shy away from,


The deed is done.

On standby are your anti-aircraft guns.

The blood to be spilt is more

than that with which we had begun,


A war, I think, for generations to come.


You have decided that it is the voice of the people

who wish to unleash this irrevocable evil.

But you are wrong.

It is you who is resolved to fight terrorism

with extremism

The news I see on the television,

it makes me wonder if this coalition

has become the negation of intelligence.


I have to ask you Mr Prime Minister,

whether you too could bare to see the blood

of thousands civilians,

suffering with your afflictions.

Men, women, children.



Thousand of sentient lives, destroyed.


we are the fuel of destruction,

a result from your deplorable speech production.

By which I and thousands were unconvinced,

but still you did not wince.


Their blood is on your hands,

and yes the guilt does span,

to all the others who demanded this too.

I have to ask you Mr Prime Minister,

as the chief person who carried this through,

whether you will take the responsibility

of your action with the same agility

with which you ordered them.


And from these sleepless nights of stress,

do not for one second think that result to come from this is rest.

Peace cannot come from spilt blood.

The consequences of your actions are only just beginning to flood.


I will close my eyes again tonight,

and before sleep arrives, I shall think again of my voting right,

I thought I was a citizen of a free country,


But, for the first time in my life
I am ashamed to be British.



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