Gift Wrapping & Bows

Your rejection is one of the most beautiful double edge sword gifts you’ve ever given me. The cut contact, cut ties, cut pictures, is the sharpest cut I’ve ever seen on a gift bow.   Your indifference wrapping paper is the perfect compliment to the glassy ice cold sellotape, carelessly and economically placed on the … More Gift Wrapping & Bows

My Privilege

My privilege does not come in different cuts does not have a matching bag or an appealing bust My privilege comes in extra skin-tight size 10, colour black and white   My privilege has English as its first language with chunks of Creole, bloodline of Oku Marabou rotting in my mouth my mouth unaccustomed to forming … More My Privilege


In the end the languages which bound the blood were nothing more than trickling streams from an unhealed gash. The skin thin layers of lies which grazes the surface, yet cut as deep as a vein; nothing much is lost but much less than nothing is gained.  This is the state of human pensivity. 

White Privilege

How to explain white privilege to my father, who his whole life has never known anything more than saving money for a house to be harder or to my grandmother who is too blinded to see that no white person would ever consider me to be white.   How to explain to my father, that … More White Privilege

So Many

So many words left unsaid mundane hellos and goodbyes advantageous askings, whispered kisses under blue skies banal statistics awash in the crackling wind unread messages left on the pin board, not yet unpinned   So many words left unspoken questions of invention breached rules of customs and social conventions the crushed declaration swept under the … More So Many


They say that hands are life’s own personal memory store but I would have to disagree that  a foot can tell a thousand stories more The natural navigator of our impending paths   It recalls the exceptional  disreputable  fantastical stories journeys of youth made through the forbidden territories The tracks unearthed through the cracks you … More FEET.